De'sushi Restaurant

Japanese Restaurant now open in Indonesia cities. Visit De'Sushi Restaurant and enjoy its special menu for your family
Kaliurang V/CT III/5
Silla Korean Chinese Restaurant
Arteri Ringroad Utara Street 33
Phone: (0274) 886036
Samudra Jaya Sea Food
PGRI Wates Street 166
Phone: (0274) 522067
Sari Boga Restaurant
Magelang Street Km 7
Phone: (0274) 565544
Sasono Hondrowino Coffee Shop
Laksda Adisucipto Street Km 8,7
Phone: (0274) 511588
Resto 105 Garden Restaurant
Sosrowijayan Wetan Street Block GT-I/105
Phone: (0274) 582896
Riki Friench Grill
Prawirotaman Street 31
Phone: (0274) 377592
Pujayo Restaurant
C Simanjuntak Street 73
Phone: (0274) 565907
Rama International Restaurant
P Mangkubumi Street 101
Phone: (0274) 513480
Pizza Hut
Jend Sudirman Street 3
Phone: (0274) 566705
Pondok Galih Restaurant And Fishing
Kaliurang Street Km 12
Phone: (0274) 885733
Prima Raja Restaurant
P Diponegoro Street 89
Phone: (0274) 562535
Palito Alam Restaurant
Pasar Kembang Street 74-77
Phone: (0274) 581703
Palm House Restaurant
Prowirataman Street 12
Phone: (0274) 373990
Pesta Perak Restaurant
Tentara Rakyat Mataram Street 8
Phone: (0274) 566318
Oshin Restaurant
Malioboro Street 53
Phone: (0274) 512222
Omah Dhuwur Restaurant
Mondorakan Street 252
Phone: (0274) 374952
Gress Food Restaurant
Jend Sudirman Street 99-101 Mal Galleria
Phone: (0274) 550326
Grand Pacific Hall
Magelang Street Km 4,5
Phone: (0274) 564191
Gracia Restaurant
Munggur Street 52
Phone: (0274) 586328
Gita Buana Snack & Steak House
Laksda Adisucipto Street 169
Phone: (0274) 561164
Bukit Indah Restaurant
Raya Wonosari Street Km 15
Phone: (0274) 7494155
Bamboo Resto & Music
Veteran Street 19-23
Phone: (0274) 382904
Bagindo Restaurant
Kenari Street 3
Phone: (0274) 555420
Tirta Arta Tridadi Restaurant & Park
Merapi Beran Street
Phone: (0274) -868089
Yogya Chicken
Gejayan Pelem Kecut Street 36-B
Phone: (0274) 524179
Yashinoki Restaurant Karaoke & Pub
Laksda Adisucipto Street Km 6
Phone: (0274) 517279
Yanagi Sushi Japanese Restaurant
Gejayan Street 8
Phone: (0274) 547274
Wyoming Cafe And Restaurant
Prawirotaman Street Block MG-3/601
Phone: (0274) 372673
Valentino Restaurant
Magelang Street 57
Phone: (0274) 564228
Venesia Steak & Restaurant
Kyai Mojo Street 25
Phone: (0274) 522469
The Club Cafe
Magelang Street 80, Borobudur Plaza 1st floor
Phone: (0274) 512550
Tante Lis Jawa Timur Restaurant
Banten Street 13-A
Phone: (0274) 7271313
Tenpura Hana Japanese Restaurant
Monumen Yogya Kembali Street 16 A
Phone: (0274) 624738
Steak & Shake Warung
Taman Siswa Street 83
Phone: (0274) 384350
Srikaton Restaurant
Gejayan Kompl Colombo Street
Phone: (0274) 584222
Sparta Steak House & Chinese Food Restaurant
Timoho Raya Street 36
Phone: (0274) 515078
Singapore Restaurant
Dr Wahidin Street 36
Phone: (0274) 514229
Sintawang Restaurant
Magelang Street 9
Phone: (0274) 562901
Serayu Restaurant
Laksda Adisucipto Street 48
Phone: (0274) 485005
Griya Minang Restaurant
Malioboro Street 57
Phone: (0274) 513469
Gita Anjana Restaurant
P Diponegoro Street 48 50
Phone: (0274) 515050
Gazebo Purawisata Restaurant
Brigjen Katamso Street 1
Phone: (0274) 375705
Favorite Steak & Pastel Restaurant
Malioboro Street 87
Phone: (0274) 518115
Gadjah Wong Restaurant
Gejayan Soropadan Street 79-D
Phone: (0274) 542815
Fast food Indonesia
Jend A Yani Street 73 Ramai Mall 1st floor
Phone: (0274) 547339
Babarsari Cafeteria
Babarsari Street 16
Phone: (0274) 515809
Pandan Perak Restaurant
North Ring Road of Yogya Kembali Monument
Phone: (0274) 868707
Oasis Restaurant
Magelang Street Km 5
Phone: (0274) 561695
New Asia
Arteri Utara Ring Road Street 117 A
Phone: (0274) 885053
Miyako Japanese Restaurant
P Mangkubumi Street 46
Phone: (0274) 515818
Miyagawa Asahi Japanese Restaurant
Malioboro Street 60 Inna Garuda
Phone: (0274) 566353
Mirota Bakery & Restaurant
FM Noto Street 7
Phone: (0274) 513384
Minang Baru Restaurant
Kusumanegara Street 28
Phone: (0274) 413692
Mentari Restaurant
Brigjen Katamso Street 1
Phone: (0274) 413554
Mahkota Restaurant
Gandekan Street 25
Phone: (0274) 7473568
Legian Garden Restaurant
Perwakilan Street 9
Phone: (0274) 564644
Kebun Bambu Restaurant
Parangtritis Street Km 4,5
Phone: (0274) 385421
Kayu Api Restaurant
Jend Sudirman Street 89
Phone: (0274) 580930
Karoaku Karaoke Music & Restaurant
C Simanjuntak Street 81-85
Phone: (0274) 562367
Kakak Tua Restaurant
Laksda Adisucipto Street 48
Phone: (0274) 485005
Joglo Mlati Restaurant
Kb Agung Street 170
Phone: (0274) 4362072
Jalaa Restaurant & Music
Raya Janti Street 265
Phone: (0274) 583016
Hegar Restaurant
Laksda Adi Sucipto Street Km 9/11
Phone: (0274) 488833
Dundee Fried Chicken
Urip Sumoharjo Street 21
Phone: (0274) 520883
Djogja Resto
Kaliurang Street Km 10
Phone: (0274) 884145
Djava Restaurant
Brigjen Katamso Street 1
Phone: (0274) 375705
Colombo Pool Terrace
Gejayan Kompl Colombo Street
Phone: (0274) 584222
Cirebon Restaurant
Jend A Yani Street 15
Phone: (0274) 512227
Chatarina Restaurant
Sosrowijayan Street 41
Phone: (0274) 582543
Bu Tjitro Restaurant
Janti Street 330
Phone: (0274) 543452
Fast food Indonesia
Jongke Kidul Street
Phone: (0274) 869667
Joglo Mlati Restaurant
Kb Agung Street 170
Phone: (0274) 866700
Taman Pringsewu Restaurant
Magelang Street 9
Phone: (0274) 867667

Latest News

Yogyakarta Tourism Destinations After Kalibiru Is Pinus Pengger

The Special Region of Yogyakarta is one of the provinces of Indonesia that has a lot of beauties, there are always new tourist attractions there. Not surprisingly, Yogyakarta has become one of the favorite tourist destinations for travelers, both local and foreign tourists. Especially at this time, tourism in Yogyakarta continues to develop to present tourist destinations that are worth visiting. In addition to the Kalibiru National Park, there are new tourist destinations in Yogyakarta that should on your to-do-list when traveling to Yogyakarta. Kalibiru National ParkKalibiru National Park is…

The Uniqueness of A Hundred Year Old Tree Grows Towering From Inside The Cave

A towering tree inside Rancang Kencana cave in Bleberan Village, Playen District, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region. The tree is hundreds of years old. In 2003, a team of archaeologists from Gajah Mada University (UGM) conducted research on this tree. The results of his research, the tree is estimated to be about 300 years old. The big tree in the cave is called Klempit or Tlumpi. The Klempit tree bears fruit every rainy season. According to the local resident, the fruit of the tree can be eaten. The shape of…

Exploring A Waterfall That Was Once Used by A Hollywood Film

Every waterfall always keeps a story. Including the Sri Gethuk waterfall in Bleberan Village, Playen District, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region. Many people call Sri Gethuk a beautiful waterfall. The water comes from a limestone embankment river that cuts rock cliffs to form a waterfall. The Sri Gethuk waterfall flows into the Oyo river. Often the rocks under waterfalls are also used for meditation. Usually meditating in the morning before many visitors come. The beauty of Sri Gethuk waterfall is already famous. Even the Sri Gethuk waterfall was once used…

Explore Tebing Breksi Jogjakarta

When exploring Yogyakarta City, tourists should not forget to drop by in Prambanan Sub-District of Sleman Regency. Aside from offering beautiful temples, that area is also known for its Tebing Breksi or the Breccia Cliff. The exact location is in Sambirejo Village and it resides near to several famous temples like Prambanan, Ratu Boko, Candi Ijo, and Kalasan Temple. This majestic cliff is popular among tourists due to the excellent nuance and amazing landscapes, actually. No wonder, all visitors are likely to enjoy sightseeing and photography there. Some tourists also…

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