Tabuhan Island in Banyuwangi

Tabuhan Island

The nature of East Java always enchanting. Even in the eastern end, there is Banyuwangi which borders Bali Island. The district, called ‘The Sunrise of Java’, also includes Tabuan Island, which is tiny in its own nature.

Although it is located quite far in the middle of Bali Straits, this uninhabited island is still part of Banyuwangi region. Administratively, Tabuhan Island is located in Bengkak village, Wongsorejo sub-district, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java.

Tabuhan is a beautiful island with soft white sand that surrounds the lush green trees in the middle. The landscape of the beauty of land is then enhanced by the protection of deep blue shades of sea that stretches to its breadth.

If you are in Banyuwangi or have a vacation plan to the district, take a stop to Tabuhan. Not only on the surface, in the depths of the water is also a paradise that can make anyone happy.

Activities on Tabuhan Island

As a remote island, Tabuhan offers more activities that trigger the awe of visitors. Look for the most comfortable place under a shady tree. Relax, enjoy the atmosphere. While the breeze is blowing, as far as view is just pampering beauty.

Do it ethically, whatever makes you happy. Play in the white sand or swim in shallow waters. The best advice is to explore the island. Go along the coast and try to find the best spots to capture.

With an area of only about 5-6 ha, it is not heavy and does not take too long to surround the island. For those who like photography or selfies, there are some interesting spots. One of them is in the ruins of a building not far off the coast. There is also a swing spot that says ‘Tabuhan’.

What more? Tabuhan Island is also an amazing underwater beauty. Snorkeling is an activity not to be missed. For this activity, the boat captain you usually rent before will deliver to the best snorkeling spots.

For your information, despite having the potential of underwater beauty, on Tabuhan Island there is no snorkeling equipment rental available. You need to prepare in advance by renting at Banyuwangi Bangsring Beach, where you start the crossing to this island.

Tabuhan Island Location & Route

Location of Tabuhan Island: Bengkak Village, Wongsorejo Sub-district, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java

To cross to Tabuhan, travelers had to head to Bangsring Beach, about 20 km north of Banyuwangi City. The best way to get there is via Banyuwangi New Station.

If you want to take a bus, continue to Sri Tanjung Station and take a bus heading to Situbondo then get off on the Bangsring highway. From location of the beach is still 1.5 kilometers. The entrance is rather small, try not to miss it.

If you are more interested in taking a taxi, remember that the distance is quite close, usually not using meter. So you can negotiate the tariff. You can also use a motorcycle taxi at the Banyuwangi Station or use a motorcycle taxi online.

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