Boom Beach, the Modern Beach Icons of Banyuwangi

One of the beach tourism destinations which is located close to the center of Banyuwangi City. Boom Beach which was once a port of goods and fish has now been transformed into one of the modern beach icons of Banyuwangi. With various facilities provided, this beach has become a new tourist destination that must be visited by tourists in Banyuwangi.

Boom Beach which is managed by PELINDO III will become a yacht port, a port that will become an entrance for foreign tourists, especially among yacht ship users both from Bali and abroad. Some developments with various facilities began to be added gradually.

On Boo Beach there is an Amphitheater, an open stage for art performances that can accommodate thousands of performers. Art and cultural events are often held on this beach, call it the Gandrung Sewu Festival, a colossal dance show involving 2,000 dancers, or the Banyuwangi Beach Jazz Festival, a beachside jazz concert with a national and international jazz band.

Not only as a historical port, Boom Beach also has beautiful landscapes. The black sand beach also has a very beautiful sunrise spot emerging from behind the island of Bali. When the weather is sunny looking towards the west of Mount Meranti is very charming.

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