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Resources are integral to achieve Center’s vision and mission. The Center is dedicated to expand resources for internal capacity building and supporting the larger society in the area of research on East Asia. The Center at this stage emphasizes library facilities, building information base and online sources in the age of data science.

Information Hub

Data and information is the asset of today’s world. Data science has been a hub of knowledge creation and information dissemination. For the purpose of creating a data hub, the Center is regularly and continuously collecting data and information from multiple range of sources including online newspapers, journals, webpages of different ministries and government sources, online access of different thinks tanks and web portals. Such kind of endeavor is a first kind in Bangladesh. The Center is spending a considerable time in making data bases on issue-based and country-specific information hub. For instance, it is collecting data and information on evolving Rohingya issue and working on making country profile of East and Southeast Asian countries categorizing in different topics like geopolitics, security and strategy as well and socio-political and economic issues. Thus, the unique endeavor is facilitating for the creation of a standard information base.


The Center has an enriched library with a collection of relevant books, journals, research monograph, quarterly, policy and issue briefs. It has furnished its library with collections ranging from issue and topics-based assemblage to region-wise books. Moreover, the Center is continuously exerting its efforts to develop the library facilities. Notably, as a part of its endeavor the Center has applied for collaboration with the Nippon Foundation, Japan for facilities to enrich the library. It is also working to extend membership facilities to students, researchers, academics as well as alumni.

Online Resources

Apart from the library and data base, the Center greatly values online resources equipped with information and links. Relevant data and information may be collected from links from government sources, universities and think-tanks of the Asia and the Pacific region. Moreover, the official website of EASC and its Facebook page are also the sources of data and information. The Center is exploring facilities for e-books, e-journals and related sources.

Monthly News

The Center collects and archives some important news from global media.

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