East Asia Study Center

Publication of Book

Bangladesh-East Asia Relations: Changing Scenarios and Evolving Linkages

Editor: Delwar Hossain, PhD

Publisher: The East Asia Study Center, University of Dhaka
Year of Publication: 2020, Pages: 464

The East Asia Study Center (EASC) published a book titled Bangladesh-East Asia Relations: Changing Scenarios and Evolving Linkages, edited by Professor Dr Delwar Hossain, Founder and Director of EASC. The book is first of its kind to bring together a multitude of writings on bilateral relations of Bangladesh with the East Asian countries in a single volume. The book has fourteen chapters contributed by fourteen authors. This book is based on research about Bangladesh-East Asia relations in the context of changing scenarios at regional and global levels. It has comprehensively covered major bilateral relations and critical issues that deserve special significance to Bangladesh in the contemporary era. East Asian countries and ASEAN have been key development partners of Bangladesh for several decades. Ironically, the paucity of research on Bangladesh’s relations with this dynamic and Asian neighbouring region is a stark reality to develop in-depth knowledge for supporting the policy community as well as academic circles. The key purpose of the book is to analyse Bangladesh-East Asia relations in view of changing economic, political and security dynamics in order to understand new directions and challenges for strengthening ties between the two regions. This book provides opportunities to the wider audiences i.e. academics, students, researchers, media and policy makers for better understanding and improvement of relations between Bangladesh and East Asia. The book is structured into fourteen chapters highlighting bilateral relations and regional concerns. This intellectually stimulating book will be of great interest to area studies and analysis of contemporary trends in foreign relations involving Bangladesh, East Asia and the Indian Ocean.