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The Center has an important focus on undertaking research, training and consultancy projects based on collaborative and internal resources. The Center has successfully implemented a book project on Bangladesh-East Asia relations in December 2019 with contributions from fourteen faculty members and researchers. The book project was launched in 2018. Finally, the book was published after several round of authors’ workshops and editorial revisions in December 2019. Besides, several small research initiatives of the Center on various issues have already published as monographs and policy briefs. Some are also in the process to be published as issue briefs.

  1. Book: Delwar Hossain, ed. Bangladesh-East Asia Relations: Changing Scenarios and Evolving Linkages, Dhaka: East Asia Study Center, University of Dhaka, 2019
  2. Monograph: Md. Abdul Mannan, Bangladesh-China Relations: Mapping Geopolitical and Security Interests, September 2018
  3. Monograph: Delwar Hossain Md. Shariful Islam, The Trump-Kim Summit in June 2018: Understanding the Contexts, Causes and Implications, June 2018
  4. Policy Brief: China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and South Asia, 2016
  5. Policy Brief: Sheikh Shams Morsalin, Sino-Indian Border Conflict: South Asian Context and Strategic Implications for Bangladesh, September 2020

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Publication of Book

The East Asia Study Center (EASC) published a book titled Bangladesh-East Asia Relations: Changing Scenarios and Evolving Linkages, edited by Professor Dr Delwar Hossain, Founder and Director of EASC.


Five Interns Joined EASC

In response to a call for Internship Opportunities, five Interns joined the Center on 15 October 2020 as part of capacity building of young students and learners.


Special Seminar Held

A Special Seminar on Japanese Maritime Policy and ‘Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy’ was held on 26 September 2018, jointly organized by the EASC and the Embassy of Japan, Dhaka.