East Asia Study Center


As core activities of EASC, the Center is engaged in three types of programs – research, events and training and consultancy.

Research Programs

The Center has multidisciplinary and inter-disciplinary focus in its programs for research and academic endeavors. It has designed its research and academic programs both on thematic and country specific studies. In order to advance research agenda of the Center, the following programs have been envisaged at the initial stage in the country/region cluster. Programs are conducted by adjunct/affiliated Research Coordinators affiliated with the Center under the guidance of the Director of the EASC.

Major Regional and Country Specific Programs

  • Bangladesh-East Asia Program (BEP)
  • Bangladesh-ASEAN Program (BAP)
  • South Asia-East Asia Program (SEP)
  • South Asia-ASEAN Program (SAP)
  • India-East Asia Program (IEP)
  • India-ASEAN Program (IAP)
  • China Affairs Program (CAP)
  • Japan Affairs Program (JAP)
  • Korea Affairs Program (KAP)
  • ASEAN Affairs Program (AAP)

Major Thematic Programs

  • The Foreign Policy Program (FPP)
  • The Development and Governance Program (DGP)
  • The Democracy and Human Rights (DHR) Program
  • The Non-Traditional Security Program (NSP)
  • The Environment, Climate Change and Water (ECW) Program


The Center is actively involved in organizing various types of events for advancing knowledge and skill about East Asian region, Bangladesh and related regional issues and actors. The Center organizes the events as follows:

  • Seminar
  • Conference
  • Workshop
  • Special Lecture/Special Talks
  • Exchange Meetings

Training and Consultancy

The Center stives to undertake projects and activities in imparting high-quality training on politics, security, business, culture and language in East Asia and ASEAN region as well as Bangladesh. Given the dearth of knowledge and information about these areas, the Center aims to mobilize human resources to support institutions and organizations who are in need of support. The Center is equipped to provide consultancy services about multidimensional, multidisciplinary and inter-disciplinary issues. The Center has affiliated and adjunct resource persons to embark on research and survey on issues ranging from governance to climate change.