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First Lecture of Japan-EASC Lecture Series Organized

The East Asia Study Center and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan jointly organized the first Lecture of the Japan-EASC Lecture Series on February 18, 2021. The first Lecture titled “NGOs for International Cooperation in Japan and its Relations with the Japan Government and Academia” was delivered by Professor Ohashi Masaaki, University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo, Japan. The Lecture was held on the online platform and was moderated by Professor Dr. Delwar Hossain, Director of the East Asia Study Center, University of Dhaka. The lecture was graced by the opening speech of H.E. Ambassador Ito Naoki, Embassy of Japan in Bangladesh. At the outset of the lecture, Professor Hossain conveyed his gratitude to H.E. Ambassador Ito Naoki and expressed his vote of thanks to participants from academician, teachers and students from different departments and universities. He showed his appreciation towards Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Embassy of Japan in Bangladesh and distinguished keynote speaker, Professor Ohashi Masaki. 

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Ito Naoki underscored the importance of the deepening of mutual understanding between Japan and Bangladesh at the historical junctures of four significant events in the milestone years: birth centenary of the “Father of the Nation” in Bangladesh Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, 50 years of the independence of Bangladesh, 50 years of Japan-Bangladesh diplomatic relations and 100 years of the establishment of the University of Dhaka. The Ambassador emphasized on cultural and economic exchanges between the two countries and people-to-people contact for Japan-Bangladesh relations to reach a new height and expressed his optimism of the development of Bangladesh on the wheel of mega infrastructural project funded by Japan. Professor Ohashi Masaaki walked on the audiences presenting the comprehensive sketch of Japanese NGOs, their operational dimensions, structural and functional dynamics and links to the academia. Professor Masaaki concluded his speech by giving emphasis on the humanitarian aspects of NGOs and expressed hopes that NGOs should focus not only on national interests but also well beings of the world humanity.

At the end of the session, Professor Hossain summarized the lecture by giving his constructive insights referring that Japanese NGOs have excellent working relations with Bangladesh and the world needs strong governance to ensure Human security, Sustainable Development goals. Finally, he reiterated the significance of Japan Bangladesh diplomatic relations in the new millennium of economic development and cooperation.

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