East Asia Study Center

Exchange & Visits

The East Asia Study Center (EASC) organized a workshop with students from Ferris University, Yokohama, Japan and University of Dhaka, Bangladesh to facilitate exchange of ideas and culture. A group of students from Ferris University met with a pre-selected number of students from Dhaka University on 28 February, 2013. The delegation of Japanese students was led by Professor Hirono AZUMA of Ferris University. Professor Azuma specializes in ecological anthropology and education at Ferris University. Mr. Sunil Kumar Sarker, part-time Japanese Language teacher of the Department of International Relations, University of Dhaka led the students from Dhaka University. The workshop was held in an environment of cordial and social relations on a tourist Launch in the river of Padma. The Director of the East Asia Study Center, Professor Delwar Hossain received the delegation and coordinated the program. Professor Azuma highly appreciated the event as the Japanese students were excited and highly glad to exchange views with Bangladeshi students. Students from both the countries took the opportunity to learn more about each other’s culture and traditions. They actively participated in different events during the day-long program.

➙ The Structure of the Program was:

➙ Language:

  1. Bengali (spoken)
  2. Japanese (spoken)
  3. English (Writing)